Free Learners Test | k53 learners licence test - Questions and Answers

10. ♦ Rules of the road - k53 learner licence


No stopping

• Where a road sign or a road marking line prohibits stopping.

• Where a traffic officer or a police officer prohibits stopping.

• Next to or opposite an excavation if the position of your vehicle may cause danger or create an obstruction to other traffic.

• On the right-hand side of the road with the front of your vehicle facing oncoming traffic.

• Within the reserved area of any railway crossing.

• Next to or opposite any other vehicle where the road or street is narrower than 9 metres.


No Stopping: On, inside, underneath or less than 6 metres from:

• A tunnel

• A bridge

• An overhead structure

• A subway

• The point at which the road or street narrows

• Keep to the left of the road, into which you are turning, when turning right into the road you wish to turn into, do so to the left of any traffic island or barrier.

• Always obey applicable road traffic signs or road markings.