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72 . ♦ SIGN CONTROLS - k 53 learner licence


Map-type advance trail blazer
Where: On the left-hand side of any road where two routes join the numbered route by means of a set of one-way carriageways.
Purpose: To indicate that a route of equal or higher status can be entered from the road on which you are travelling. This new route consists of a pair of one-way roadways.
Action: You need to know before hand in which direction you want to travel, e.g. North(N) or South(S).


Alternative route marker
Where: At the intersection of toll and alternative routes.
Purpose: To point out that a route other than the toll route can be followed.
Action: Decide in advance whether you want to take the toll or alternative route. If you want to take the alternative route, slow down for the intersection. Remember that the alternative route is usually not of the same high standard as the toll route.