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8. ♦ Rules of the road - k53 learners licence


The Freeways

Certain types of vehicles are not allowed on freeways.

They are:

• Animal drawn vehicles

• Agricultural vehicles

• Pedal cycles

• Motorised cycles

• Motor cycles with an engine capacity of less than 50cm

• Vehicles powered by electricity

• Motor tricycles

• Special vehicles with a mass of less than 230 kg which are designed for use by physically disabled persons.


Also one may not:

• Bring your vehicle to a dead stop on a freeway; except in an emergency.

• Drive to the left of the yellow left edge line of the road.

• Drive to the right of the white right edge line of the road.

• Remain in the right-hand lane after the driver behind you has signaled his intentions to pass you.

• You must move over to the left-hand lane after signaling your intention and, when it is safe to do so.